Lower Clydach River

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Not to be confused with the entirely separate Upper Clydach River which is also a right-bank tributary of the River Tawe nor with the River Clydach (Neath), which is a right bank tributary of the River Neath nor the River Clydach which flows down the Clydach Gorge on the Monmouthshire/Blaenau Gwent boundary.
Cascades on the Lower Clydach

The Lower Clydach River is a river in South Wales which rises on the slopes of Mynydd Betws west of Cwmgors and flows for around 10 km through Cwm Clydach to its confluence with the River Tawe at Clydach. It runs through the RSPB's Cwm Clydach Nature Reserve[1] just to the north of Clydach. - 51°41′45″N 3°53′57″W / 51.69581°N 3.8992°W / 51.69581; -3.8992Coordinates: 51°41′45″N 3°53′57″W / 51.69581°N 3.8992°W / 51.69581; -3.8992.


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