Lower Klamath Lake

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Lower Klamath Lake
LowerKlamathNWR 8199t.jpg
Freshwater marsh on Lower Klamath Lake
LocationSiskiyou County, California
Coordinates41°55′55″N 121°41′42″W / 41.9319°N 121.6949°W / 41.9319; -121.6949Coordinates: 41°55′55″N 121°41′42″W / 41.9319°N 121.6949°W / 41.9319; -121.6949
Basin countriesUnited States

Lower Klamath Lake is a lake in Siskiyou County, California. At one time it was connected to Upper Klamath Lake. It currently is used to hold overflow water for Klamath Project irrigation uses.

The lake is in Northern California, near the border with Oregon. The Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge (est. 1908), which covers the northern part of the lake, extends from California into Oregon.

The area around the lake was in the homeland of the indigenous Modoc people, prior to mid−19th century Anglo−American immigration.

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