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The location of the Lower Polog dialect among the others Macedonian dialects

The Lower Polog dialect (Macedonian: Долнополошки дијалект, Dolnopološki dijalekt) is a member of the western subgroup of the northern group of dialects of the Macedonian language. It is spoken by the population in north-western Republic of Macedonia. This dialect is spoken in the city Tetovo, in the bigger villages Jegunovce, Vratnica, Tearce, Lešok, Neprošteno, Brvenica, and in all other smaller villages in this area. One of the main characteristics of this dialect is the use of the words таќе (taḱe) – "on that way" and ваќе (vaḱe) – "on this way". The Lower Polog dialect can be found in several books, two of which were written by Kiril Peychinovich, namely Ogledalo and Uteshenia greshnim.[1]

Phonological characteristics[edit]

There are many characteristics that are connected with this dialect but the most significant are:

  • the old vocal L is replaced by the groups u/ lu/ la: јаболко / jabolko > јабука / jabuka (apple), солза / solza > слăза / sluza (tear);
  • use of A instead of E: трева / treva > трава / trava (grass), орев / orev > орав / orav (nut);
  • use of ă instead of use of the yer: лаже / laže > лăже / lăže (lie);
  • use of U instead of the Old Church Slavonic letter ON: пат / pat > пут / put (road), внук / vnuk > унук / unuk (nephew).

Morphological characteristics[edit]

  • use of the suffix -mo for first person plural: одиме / odime > идемо/ idemo (we are going);
  • palatal J before the letter E at the beginning of a word: јазик / jazik> језик / jezik (tongue), јаже > јуже (rope);
  • the consonant group MN is replaced with the consonant group ML: многу / mnogu > млогу / mlogu (too much);
  • use of the preposition U instead of the preposition VO: во град/ vo grad > у град / u grad (in city)


Below is written a popular folk song from Lower Polog region. The song is in Lower Polog dialect.

Ogreala mesečina, lele,
Ogreala mesečina,
Od Soluna do Tetovo.
Ne mi bilo mesečina, lele,
Ne mi bilo mesečina,
Tuk’ mi bile tri neveste,
Tri neveste Tetovčanke.
Pravo odat za Tetovo, lele,
Pravo odat za Tetovo,
Kaj bakalot, čičko Jakim.
Dobro utro čičko Jakim, lele,
Dobro utro čičko Jakim.
Dal bog dobro tri neveste,
Tri neveste Tetovčanke.
Da ni dadeš dram belilo, lele,
Da ni dadeš dram belilo,
Dram belilo, dram crvilo.
Naši maži gurbetčii, lele,
Naši maži gurbetčii,
Ko’ḱe dojdat ḱeti platat.


  1. ^ According to the book's title page, it was written in the 'most common and illiterary Bulgarian language of Lower Moesia' ('препростейшим и некнижним язиком Болгарским долния Мисии'). It was printed in 1816 in Budapest.