Lower Salmon Falls Dam

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Lower Salmon Falls Dam
Lower Salmon Falls Dam is located in Idaho
Lower Salmon Falls Dam
Location of Lower Salmon Falls Dam in Idaho
LocationTwin Falls County / Gooding counties, Idaho
Coordinates42°35′47″N 114°24′04″W / 42.59639°N 114.40111°W / 42.59639; -114.40111Coordinates: 42°35′47″N 114°24′04″W / 42.59639°N 114.40111°W / 42.59639; -114.40111
Opening date1910
Operator(s)Idaho Power Company[1]
Dam and spillways
ImpoundsSnake River
Height38 feet (12 m)[1]
Length983 feet [1]
Total capacity10,900 acre feet (13,400,000 m3)[1]
Surface area750 acres (1.03 km²)[1]
Power Station
Commission date1910, 1949
Installed capacity60 MW

Lower Salmon Falls Dam is a concrete gravity-type hydroelectric dam on the Lower Salmon Falls of the Snake River, in the U.S. state of Idaho. The dam is located 5 miles downstream from Upper Salmon Falls, between Gooding County and Twin Falls County, Idaho.[2]


The Lower Salmon Falls Dam was originally built in 1910 by the Greater Shoshone and Twin Falls Water Power Company. Idaho Power Company acquired the plant in 1916 and rebuilt it in 1949. It's located at river mile 573.0. Nearby cities are Twin Falls, Mountain Home, and Hailey, Idaho.

The newer dam is 983 feet long, including a 180-foot, 38-foot-high overflow dam and has a powerhouse containing four turbine generator units with a capacity of 60 MW. Its reservoir is 6.6 miles long, with a 750-acre surface area, with a storage capacity of 10,900 acre-feet. It includes a 6-foot-wide, 510-foot-long fish ladder.[1]

Along with the Upper Salmon Falls Dam and Bliss Dam is part of Idaho Power Company's Mid-Snake Projects.[3] The Mid-Snake Projects in total have a nameplate capacity of 169.5 MW.[3]

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