Ness Point

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Ness Point
Euroscope, Ness Point

Ness Point, also known as Lowestoft Ness, is the most easterly point of England, the United Kingdom and the British Isles. It is located in Lowestoft in the Waveney District of the county of Suffolk. The site is located to the north of the town centre and has a direction marker, known as Euroscope, marking locations in other countries and how far away they are from Ness Point.[1]

Plaque marking the easternmost Point of the British Isles

Ness point is the site for the Orbis Energy Centre, a renewable energy development centre. Also located at Ness Point is the previous record holder for Britain's tallest wind turbine, nicknamed "Gulliver". It stands 126 metres (413 ft) tall, generating energy for the National Grid.[2]

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Coordinates: 52°28′52″N 1°45′46″E / 52.4811°N 1.7628°E / 52.4811; 1.7628