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Cover of A Complete Lowlife  (1997). For the trade paperback collected edition. Art by Ed Brubaker.
Publication information
Publisher Caliber Comics, MU Press
Format Limited series
Publication date 1992–1995
No. of issues 5
Creative team
Written by Ed Brubaker
Artist(s) Ed Brubaker
Collected editions
A Complete Lowlife ISBN 0-9698874-7-7

Lowlife is a semi-autobiographical comic book series written and drawn by Ed Brubaker, originally published by Caliber Comics and later Aeon Press. Collected editions were put out by Aeon and Black Eye Books.

The Comics Journal described the book as following the "frustration and cynicism of disenchanted slacker kids finding excitement in their uneventful lives."[1] The series was described by The Stranger as "part fiction, part autobiography, the narratives hover between sincerity and parody, with moments of transcendence that lift it out of the realm of the ordinary comic book."[citation needed]

Brubaker cited his work here as an influence on later works:

Development and publication history[edit]

Lowlife was Brubaker's first professional work.[2] The work is semi-autobiographical, based upon the lives of the author and his friends but "with the names changed."[2]

Lowlife debuted in 1992 with two issues published by Caliber Comics. Issues #3–5 were published in 1994–1995 by the MU Press imprint Aeon Press.

Collected editions[edit]

The series has been collected into a number of trade paperbacks:


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