Lowood Airfield Circuit

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Lowood Airfield Circuit
Lowood Circuit
Lowood Circuit.jpg
Location Tarampa, Queensland
Coordinates 27°27′40″S 152°29′10″E / 27.46111°S 152.48611°E / -27.46111; 152.48611Coordinates: 27°27′40″S 152°29′10″E / 27.46111°S 152.48611°E / -27.46111; 152.48611
Opened 1946
Closed 1966
Major events Australian Grand Prix
Australian Touring Car Championship
Lowood 4 Hour
Length 4.54 km (2.82 mi)
Turns 7
Lap record 1:44.0 (Lex Davison, Aston Martin DBR4/300, 1960, Australian Grand Prix)

The Lowood Airfield Circuit was a motor racing venue in Queensland, Australia which was used from 1946 to 1966. It was located at a former wartime airfield site at Mount Tarampa, near Lowood, 72 km west of the state capital Brisbane. The circuit utilised the airfield’s runway for its 1.9 km long 200 metre wide main straight and also used various taxiways and tarmac from the old hangar area.[1] Lap distance was 4.54 km (2.82 mi).[2]

The circuit was first used in June 1946 for the running of the Queensland Grand Prix, however it hosted only occasional meetings between then and 1956. In that year the Queensland Racing Drivers’ Club took over the site, hosting their first meeting there in November and subsequently developing the circuit into Queensland’s premier motor racing venue. The circuit was closed in November 1966.[1]

Australian Drivers Championship[edit]

Rounds of the Australian Drivers' Championship were held at Lowood each year from 1957 to 1962.[3]

Australian Tourist Trophy[edit]

Lowood twice hosted the nation’s premier sports car race, the Australian Tourist Trophy.[4]

Australian Grand Prix[edit]

Lowood hosted the nation’s premier motor racing event of 1960 the Australian Grand Prix. It was won by Alec Mildren driving a Cooper Maserati.[5]

Australian Touring Car Championship[edit]

The Lowood circuit was the host track of the second Australian Touring Car Championship, in 1961. The race was won by Bill Pitt, driving a Jaguar 3.4.[6]

Lowood 4 Hour[edit]

Three 4 Hour races for production sedans were held at the Lowood circuit during the mid sixties. Although the emphasis was on class victories, the entries credited with line honours for covering the greatest distance were:

Australian Formula 2 Championship[edit]

The inaugural Australian Formula 2 Championship was staged at the Lowood circuit in June 1964 and was won by Greg Cusack driving an Elfin Ford.


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