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Temporal range: Early Cretaceous
Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Mammalia
Order: Multituberculata
Family: Eobaataridae
Genus: Loxaulax
Species: L. valdensis
Binomial name
Loxaulax valdensis
Simpson G.G., 1928

Loxaulax is a genus of extinct mammal from the Lower Cretaceous of southern England. It was a member of the also extinct order Multituberculata, and lived alongside the dinosaurs. It lies within the suborder "Plagiaulacida" and family Eobaataridae. The genus Loxaulax was named by Simpson G.G. in 1928 based on one species.

Fossil remains of the species Loxaulax valdensis consist of a tooth found in Valanginian (Lower Cretaceous) strata of the Cliff End bonebed in Hastings, England. More recently, "Butler and Ford reported some IoW (Isle of Wight) Wealden mammal teeth several decades ago. They identified one of the teeth as belonging to the multituberculate Loxaulax but weren't sure about the others. Other IoW Wealden mammal teeth have been found since but have yet to be written up," (with thanks to Darren Naish).

Persons from the Isle of Wight Museum say that sieving is underway at one fossil location. This suggests new mammal finds are not unlikely.


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