Loyal Opposition: Terror in the White House

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Loyal Opposition: Terror in the White House
Loyal Opposition-Terror in the White House.jpg
Cover of DVD of "Loyal Opposition-Terror in the White House"
Produced byPaul Colichman Rick Gitelson Mark R. Harris Simon Abbott James Shavick
Written byJeff Wynne, Rick Gitelson
StarringJoan Van Ark
Release date
March 8, 1998
CountryUnited States

Loyal Opposition: Terror in the White House is an American television film that aired on The Family Channel on March 8, 1998.[1]


When a terrorist surfaces, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General James Metzger (Nick Mancuso) urges President Mark Hayden (Lloyd Bochner) for a military response. However, the President prefers to try negotiating. So, the General takes the President hostage and launches an offensive of his own. The first female Vice President Elizabeth Lane (Joan Van Ark) is the only one who can do something about it and must fight mutineers in the White House to rescue him.


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