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Loyd Auerbach is a parapsychologist, paranormal investigator, and mentalist, performing under the name Professor Paranormal.

Early life[edit]

Loyd Auerbach is the son of Barbara Auerbach and Richard "Dick" Auerbach, the latter a long time producer and executive at NBC Sports and an independent producer of the Rose Bowl Game and Tournament of Roses Parade.[1] He graduated from Northwestern University in 1978 with a Bachelor's degree in Cultural Anthropology.[2]


Auerbach was a columnist for Fate magazine from 1991 through 2004.

He was the Public Information and Media Consultant to the American Society for Psychical Research in 1982-83, on the Core Faculty of the Graduate Parapsychology Program at John F. Kennedy University, and the Advisory Board of the Rhine Research Center. Auerbach runs his own ghost hunting business called The Office of Paranormal Investigations. He also teaches one online course at Atlantic University.'[2]

Auerbach says he gained attention in 1984 due to the popularity of the 1984 film Ghostbusters.[3]

He has appeared on paranormal-related programs for the Discovery Channel, the Travel Channel, The Learning Channel, A&E, the History Channel, the Sci Fi Channel and TechTV. In addition, he has appeared on hundreds of local and national radio programs, and television programs such as The View, Larry King Live, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Criss Angel: Mindfreak, Late Night with David Letterman, and Popular Mechanics for Kids. He's also been featured in the book Encyclopedia Horrifica.[4]

Auerbach performs a mentalist act as Professor Paranormal, working mainly on the college circuit. He's served on the board of directors and as President of the Psychic Entertainers Association. He offers guided chocolate tasting presentations and chocolate under his brand Haunted By Chocolate.[2]


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