Loyginskaya narrow-gauge railway

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Loyginskaya narrow-gauge railway
Loyginskaya railway - 9.JPG
TypeNarrow-gauge railway
LocaleArkhangelsk and Vologda Oblast, Russia
Operator(s)JSC «Vologodskiye lesopromyshlenniki»
Line length200 kilometres (120 mi)
Track gauge750 mm (2 ft 5 12 in)
Route map
Loyginskaya narrow gauge railway.png

Coordinates: 61°04′26″N 44°36′14″E / 61.07377°N 44.60378°E / 61.07377; 44.60378 The Loyginskaya narrow-gauge railway is located in Arkhangelsk Oblast and Vologda Oblast, Russia. The forest railway was opened in 1947, and its current operational total length is 200 kilometres (120 mi). The railway is a 750 mm (2 ft 5 12 in) narrow-gauge railway and it operates year-round.[1]

Current status[edit]

The Loyginskaya forestry railway first line was built in 1947, in the area of Ustyansky District, Arkhangelsk Oblast, starting from the village of Loyga. The total length of the railway at the peak of its development exceeded 308 kilometres (191 mi), of which 200 kilometres (120 mi) is currently operational. The railway operates a scheduled freight services from Loyga, and is used for transportation of felled logs and forestry workers.[2] In 2014 a railway bridge was built over the river Porsha.[3]

Rolling stock[edit]


  • TU6D – No. 0214
  • TU6P – No. 0002
  • TU6A – Nos. 2541, 2621, 2992, 3767, 3897
  • TU7A – Nos. 1361, 1497, 3229, 3151
  • TU8 – Nos. 0071, 0060, 0408, 0541, 0542

Railroad cars[edit]


References and sources[edit]

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