Lozenets, Sofia

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Coordinates: 42°40′30″N 23°19′35″E / 42.67500°N 23.32639°E / 42.67500; 23.32639

Lozenets is a district[1] and residential area located in the southern parts of Sofia, Bulgaria. As of 2012 it has 49,200 inhabitants.


Lozenets has many modern buildings as well as many communist-era apartment blocks. The area is undergoing regeneration with areas experiencing intensive new construction. There are tree-lined streets, and many public parks in Lozenets and the surrounding areas. The area has a direct view of Vitosha mountain. A large new church is under construction. There are many cultural and educational institutes including 13 schools and three reference libraries (Bulgarian: chitalishte). Healthcare infrastructure includes the largest hospital in Central and Eastern Europe "Tokuda" with a personnel of more than 1,100 medics and three clinics. The City Center Sofia mall, European Union Metro Station and James Bourchier Metro Station are within walking distance of Lozenets.



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