Luangpho Ajahn Tala Uttama

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Luang Pho Uttama
School Theravada
Dharma names Uttamarambho
Nationality Burmese-Thai dual citizen[1]
Born March 1910
Mawkanin, Moulmein, Burma
Died 18 October 2006 (2006-10-19) (aged 96)
Siriraj Hospital, Bangkok, Thailand
Senior posting
Title 1st Mon Buddhist Monk of Wat Wang Wiwekaram, Thailand

Luangpho Ajahn Tala Uttama ( Thai: หลวงพ่ออุตตมะ, Burmese: ဦးဥတ္တမ [ú oʊʔtəma̰]; alternatively spelt Luongphaw Ajar Tala Uttama, March 1910 in Mawkanin, Myanmar — 18 October 2006 in Bangkok, Thailand), was a Mon Buddhist monk. He was originally a Burmese citizen and later fled to Thailand and became one of Thailand's most admired and revered persons.


Luangpho Uttama was born in Mawkanin, Ye township in British Burma (now part of Tanintharyi Region in southern Myanmar). He fled to Thailand in 1948, avoiding abuse during the civil war in Burma. He later lived in the area of Wengka, located near the Burmese-Thailand border, and settled in Thailand.

He was known and revered by civilians of Burmese and Thai for his profound and intensive Buddhist teachings and industrious meditation. He founded Wat Wang Wiwekaram in Sangkhlaburi, Thailand and gave shelter to Mon refugees who fled from Burma. In 1997, he paid a formal visit to Myanmar, visited Yangon (Rangoon), and was honoured with the title of Agga Maha Pandita by Khin Nyunt, the then Burmese Prime Minister.

His prosperity integrated in Thailand reaching to the regards of the Royal Thai family. He was hospitalised by the patronage of Her Majesty Queen Sirikit and was paid a tribute on his funeral by the then Premier of Thailand, General Surayud Chulanont.

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