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The Luba has a twelve month calendar. Each month is based on natural occurrences and human activity. It is not certain, but September is believed to be the beginning of the Luba year.[1]

1. Mvul'a Mbedi-(September)-first rains,the beginning of the rainy season
2. Kibitenda-(October)-white ants comes out
3. Kaswa Bitenda-(November)
-brown ants come out of mounds,"the little insects that can be seen here and there"
4. Tshiswe Munene-(December)numerous brown ants
5. Tshiongo Wa Minanga-(January) "month of drought"
6. Luishi-(February)planting season(corn)
7. Lumungulu-(March) planting season
8. Luabanya Nkasu-(April)"hoe distributor", weeding month
9. Tshisanga Nkasu-(May)-"hoe assembling", dry season, no planting goes on
10. Kashipu Nkenza- (June)"first cold, dry air"
11. Tshibungu Mulume-(July) "the cloudy month with a strong cloud"
12. Tshibungu Mukaji-(August)"the cloudy month with a weak cloud"


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