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The Lubbock Sound is a genre of American music that began with the popularity of Lubbock, Texas native Buddy Holly. The sound, a form of rock and roll with country and blues roots was heard all over the United States and gave rise to many imitators. Holly pioneered the now-standard rock-band lineup of two guitars, bass and drums.

The innovation of Holly would subsequently lead to numerous west Texas musical artists who would find national or even international success. Artists like Waylon Jennings, Mac Davis, Joe Ely, The Maines Brothers Band, Natalie Maines (of The Dixie Chicks), Terry Allen, The Flatlanders, Tanya Tucker, Roy Orbison, Gary P. Nunn, Pat Green, and many others.

Many of these artists' contributions to the "Lubbock Sound" and the west Texas arts scene are paid tribute at the "West Texas Walk of Fame" located within Buddy and Maria Elena Holly Plaza in the historic Depot District.

Lubbock continues to play host to rising and established alt-country acts at venues like the Cactus Theater and The Blue Light Live, both located on Buddy Holly Avenue, while the next wave of west Texas musicians continues the legacy & tradition of the "Lubbock Sound."


Popular songs

Artists influenced by Buddy Holly and the Lubbock sound[edit]

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The spirit of Buddy Holly and Lubbock Sound are preserved in the Buddy Holly Center in Lubbock's Depot District. The 2004 film Lubbock Lights showcased much of the music that is associated with the city of Lubbock.