Lyuboseyevka River

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Lyuboseyevka (Russian: Любосеевка)
Lyuboseyevka before falling into the Vorya River 1.jpg
The Lyuboseyevka in the vicinity of the settlement of Mednoye-Vlasovo
Country Russia
Region Moscow Oblast
District Shchyolkovsky District
City Fryazino
 - location about the town of Fryazino
Mouth Vorya River
 - location near the settlement of Mednoye-Vlasovo, Shchyolkovsky District
Length 15 km (9 mi)

The Lyuboseyevka River (Russian: Любосе́евка) is a river in Moscow Oblast, Russia. It is a right tributary of the Vorya. It is 15 km in length. Source near the town of Fryazino. Flows all over on the east, passing the manor of Grebnevo and entering the Vorya near the settlement of Mednoye-Vlasovo.


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View the Barsky Ponds formed by the Lyuboseyevka River and Fryazino from the manor of Grebnevo