Luc Bernard

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Luc Bernard
Born (1986-03-26) 26 March 1986 (age 31)
Occupation Game designer and Artist

Luc Bernard is a British game designer and artist best known for creating the video games Death Tales, Eternity's Child, Imagination Is The Only Escape, Mecho Wars, Desert Ashes, Plague Road, Pocket God vs Desert Ashes and SteamPirates.


Luc's first video game was the platformer Eternity's Child.

Imagination Is The Only Escape, a game that deals with the Holocaust, has also courted controversy for its dark setting and subject matter.[1]

Although declaring that he would quit the game industry, Bernard later came back and founded Oyaji Games in the United States. Oyaji Games first game Mecho Wars received a better reception.[2]

Luc Bernard released a RPG for the iPhone called SteamPirates,

Luc Bernard recently announced the PS4 PS Vita free to play action rpg Death Tales [3] and a spinoff in the Pocket God franchise [4]

Kitten Squad which he directed for PETA was released on 15 September. [5] [6]

In November launched the successful Kickstarter campaign for Plague Road, along with one of the reviewers of Eternity's Child and Jim Sterling as narrator [1] [7]

21 March the Beta for Death Tales was launched on Playstation 4. [8]