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Luca Passani is an Italian developer and the creator of WURFL (the Wireless Universal Resource FiLe), the de facto standard open source (FOSS) framework for addressing so-called Device Fragmentation (AKA Device Diversity) in the mobile development space. Passani is still today[when?] the driving force behind WURFL development and support.

Luca has a Master's degree in Computer Science from University of Pisa, Italy, but initiated his professional career in Norway, where he participated in the creation of one of the first European Mobile Portals as early as 1999. Luca is internationally known for being the author of articles and publications which established the technical background for future developments in this area.[citation needed]

In addition to WURFL, Luca is known for his work in the field of Device Fragmentation and for his Mobile Web Development guidelines (GAP guidelines).

Among others, Luca has held positions in Italian, Norwegian and US companies, such as Openwave and AdMob (now part of Google), and consulted for Telecom Italia Mobile. He is currently the CTO of ScientiaMobile, Inc. VA, USA.

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