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Family Business
FounderGennaro Rubinacci
HeadquartersNaples, Milano and London, ,
Key people
Mariano Rubinacci, Luca Rubinacci
ServicesBespoke tailoring and RtW collection

Rubinacci is a company founded in Naples, Italy in 1932 by Gennaro Rubinacci under the name of the London House.[1]


The history of Rubinacci, began with art collector Gennaro Rubinacci's own tailoring emporium; he opened London House, at 25 Via Filangieri.[2] In 1961, Gennaro’s son, Mariano, took control of the company. In 1963, he changed the its name to Rubinacci, maintaining the initials of the original name in the logo. Later, a branch was opened in Milan, in 1989, and in London in 2005.[3]

Luca and Mariano Rubinacci

As of 2018, Luca Rubinacci, Gennaro's grandson, is the creative director of Rubinacci, and responsible for launching the firm's ready-to-wear line. He is considered a particularly stylish dresser.[4]

Exhibitions and exhibits[edit]

Mariano Rubinacci established a museum of Neapolitan tailoring in Naples, featuring clothes from the 1930s, which has occasionally loaned items to the FIT in New York, and had an exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum in 2014.[5]


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