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Coordinates: 8°25′S 20°45′E / 8.417°S 20.750°E / -8.417; 20.750

Municipality and town
Lucapa is located in Angola
Location in Angola
Coordinates: 8°25′22″S 20°44′21″E / 8.42278°S 20.73917°E / -8.42278; 20.73917
Country  Angola
Province Lunda Norte Province
Elevation 880 m (2,890 ft)
Population (2010)
 • Total 27,294
Time zone WAT (UTC+1)
Climate Aw

Lucapa is a town located in eastern Angola, and the former capital of Lunda Norte Province.

Its population is difficult to estimate as it has changed greatly over the last 15 years due to internal displacement caused by civil war and the subsequent resettlement.

The primary industry in the town is mining and several thousand residents are employed by the co-operative mining group formed by SML[disambiguation needed] and ITM Mining. There is also a third company that has a small share in the mining operation. The third company consists primarily of retired and current senior military officers, indicating the influence that they still have within the Angolan government, and the extent to which the government has to go to ensure stability within the armed forces.