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Lucas is the Latin form of the Greek name Loukas (Λουκᾶς), meaning "(one) from Lucania" (an ancient region of southern Italy) or the name is derived from the Latin word "lux" (light). It may also from the Latin word lucus meaning "sacred wood" (a cognate of lucere), or from another Greek word λύκος, lykos meaning "wolf". It is a common name in many modern languages.

Lucas may refer to several things.

People bearing the surname Lucas[edit]

People bearing the given name Lucas[edit]



  • Lucas (Mother 3), main character of the 2006 video game Mother 3
  • Lucas (Pokemon), male protagonist of the games Pokémon Diamond and Pearl
  • Lucas Bly, main character of the 1986 film Lucas
  • Lucas Delos, one of the main characters in the Starcrossed trilogy by Josephine Angelini
  • Lucas Fitzgerald, character in the Network Ten soap opera Neighbours
  • Lucas Hay, character in Channel 4 soap opera Hollyoaks
  • Lucas Hellinger, character in the television series FlashForward
  • Lucas Holden, character in the soap opera Home and Away
  • Lucas Jackson, name of Paul Newman's character in Cool Hand Luke
  • Lucas Johnson, character in the BBC soap opera EastEnders
  • Lucas Kane, main character in the Fahrenheit video game
  • Lucas McCain, name of character played by Chuck Connors in The Rifleman TV series
  • Lucas North, one of the main characters of the television series Spooks
  • Lucas Roberts, character on the NBC soap opera Days of our Lives
  • Lucas Ross, character in Evernight, by Claudia Gray
  • Lucas Scott, teen character on One Tree Hill
  • Lucas Valieri, a character in Degrassi: The Next Generation
  • Lucas Wolenczak, teenage character on SeaQuest DSV



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