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Italian: [ˈluːtʃe]
French: [lys]
Other names
Related namesLucy, Luci, Lucette, Lucia, Lucio, Lucile, Lucey, Luciana, Luciano, Lucinda, Luca, Luke, Luz

Luce is an American, English, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, French and Italian surname.[citation needed] It is also a French and Italian feminine given name, variant of Lucia and Lucy, or masculine name, variant of Luc (given name). Meaning of given name Luce is "light".

The English Luce surname is taken from the Norman language that was Latin-based and derives from place names in Normandy based on Latin male personal name Lucius. It was transmitted to England after the Norman Conquest in the 11th century. Alternative spellings and related names are: Luci, Lucy, Lucey, Lucie, Lucia, Luke.

Luce can refer to:


Given name[edit]

As a given name, Luci can refer to:

  • Luce (singer) (born 1990), real name Lucie Brunet, French singer, winner of Nouvelle Star in 2010
  • Luce Caponegro (born 1966), Italian actress and TV presenter and a former pornographic actress, best known under the stage name Selen
  • Luce de Gast, Lord of the castle of Gast
  • Luce Dufault (born 1966), a French-Canadian singer
  • Luce Fabbri (1908–2000), Italian anarchist writer
  • Luce Irigaray (born 1930), Belgian feminist, philosopher, linguist, psychoanalytic, sociologist and cultural theorist


As a surname, Luce can refer to:

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