Luce Fabbri

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Luce Fabbri

Luce Fabbri (1908 - 2000) was an Italian anarchist writer, publisher and daughter of Luigi Fabbri.

She was born in Rome and studied literature in Bologna. Fabbri left Italy illegally to be reunited with her exiled parents in Paris and joined them after their expulsion from France to Belgium and finally to Montevideo, Uruguay. which she continued after his death; became a teacher of history at a secondary school. During the 1936 Spanish Revolution she organized support for the Spanish anarchists. She taught Italian literature at Uruguay's University of the Republic from 1949 until 1991, interrupted from 1974-1986 by the military regime.

Writings and publications[edit]

During the Spanish Revolution she published Il Risorgimento and during the Second World War served as editor of the Italian page of Socialismo y Libertad. In Uruguay she published Studi Sociali with her father. She also authored I Canti dell'Attesa 1932, Camisas Negras 1935, 19 de Julio Antología de la Revolucíon Española (under the pseudonym Luz de Alba) 1937, La Poesía de Leopardi 1971, Luigi Fabbri-Storia d'un nomo libero (not yet published), of many pamphlets and contributions to libertarian and literary periodicals in Uruguay and Argentina.

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