Luceafărul Theatre (Iași)

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For the theatre in Moldova, see Luceafărul Theatre (Chișinău).
Luceafărul Theatre
Address Iași
Capacity 450 (Main hall)
150 (Small hall)
Current use live theatre, concerts, readings
Opened 1949
Rebuilt 1987

Luceafărul Theatre (Romanian: Teatrul Luceafărul) for children and youth, is a public theatre in Iași, Romania, specializing in plays for families and young audiences.


Founded in 1949, as the Puppet Theatre, it became, in 1973, the Theatre for Children and Youth. In 1987, the institution was renamed Luceafărul (English: The Evening Star) Theatre.[1][2]

Every year, in October, the venue hosts the "International Theatre Festival for Young Audience" (FITPT) (Romanian: "Festivalul Internațional de Teatru pentru Publicul Tânăr").[3][4]

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