Lucena City National High School

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Lucena City National High School (LCNHS) is a public secondary school located at Brgy. Ibabang Dupay, Lucena City, Philippines with more than 3,000 enrolleess from first year to fourth year. This is the first public secondary school in the Division of Lucena.


Lucena City National High School was founded as Ibabang Dupay National High School on July 16, 1993 through the Republic Act 1192. It was initiated by Dr. Leonora Guerrero, division superintendent and with the help of Dr. Azucena Romulo, Asst. Division Superintendent, Mrs.Villabrosa, Elvira Razon Aranilla Elementary School (ERAES) principal, Mr. Ricardo Orinday and Mr. Rolando Ingles, Parent-Teachers Association (PTA) President. During the school years, Dr. Guerrero wanted to change the school’s name to Science National High School but the students’ average was not fit to the standard of education. Based on the survey, the students can’t reach the average for the curriculum as Science High School and that gives way to stick with their principles.

The IDNHS has only one building with two classrooms donated by Cong. Jun Punzalan. At that time, the school ground is still a rice field and full of mud, they have their school canteen under the stairs and their comfort rooms were improvised. In 1993, the school had only three teachers: Mrs. Encomienda, Mr. Metierre and Mrs. Importante. There were only 79 first year students that time. After a couple of months, Mrs. Encomienda left the school and was substituted by Mrs. Filomena Bayani and Mrs. Mina Importante was substituted by Mrs. Mayami David and Mrs. Lolita Santa Ana was the Officer-in-Charge, Division English Supervisor.