Luzern Allmend/Messe railway station

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Lucerne Allmend/Messe
Luzern Allmend Luftaufnahme.jpg
Aerial photograph clearly showing the route of the new tunnel under construction. The station is situated to the left of the stadium. A train can be seen on the, now abandoned, old alignment.
Location Allmend/Messe
Lucerne, Lucerne
Coordinates 47°02′06″N 8°18′11″E / 47.035064°N 8.303003°E / 47.035064; 8.303003Coordinates: 47°02′06″N 8°18′11″E / 47.035064°N 8.303003°E / 47.035064; 8.303003
Operated by Zentralbahn
Line(s) Brünig line (Zentralbahn)
Luzern–Stans–Engelberg line (Zentralbahn)
Lucerne Allmend/Messe is located in Switzerland
Lucerne Allmend/Messe
Lucerne Allmend/Messe
Location within Switzerland

Luzern Allmend/Messe is a Swiss railway station in the city of Lucerne. It is located adjacent to the Swissporarena, in the south of the city. The station is on the Brünig line of the Zentralbahn railway company, and is used by trains of the Luzern–Stans–Engelberg line.[1][2][3]

The station opened in November 2012, and is situated in a tunnel linking Kriens Mattenhof station and the approaches to Lucerne station. The tunnel replaces a less direct surface alignment, allowing the abolition of several congested level crossings and the provision of double track. The new station gives access for an estimated 500,000 people per year, to the nearby sports, leisure and exhibition facilities.[4][5]

The station is served by the following passenger trains:[6][7]

Operator Train Type Route Typical Frequency Notes
Zentralbahn Lucerne S-Bahn
Line S4
Luzern - Luzern Allmend/Messe - Kriens Mattenhof - Horw - Hergiswil Matt - Hergiswil - Stansstad - Stans - Dallenwil - Wolfenschiessen 2 per hour


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