Lucheng District

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Lucheng District (鹿城区, Wenzhounese: luo zen) is a ward of the Wenzhou urban area (溫州市区), (equivalent to a Western "city") in the prefecture-level city (equivalent to provincial subregion) of Wenzhou (simplified Chinese: 温州; traditional Chinese: 溫州; pinyin: Wēnzhōu). It is the central district and government seat of Wenzhou subregion and its urban area by the same name(溫州市区).

The literal meaning of the name Lucheng is the city of deer. It originated from a myth that a white deer was spotted in this area long time ago.

It has an area of 294.38 km² and a population of 1,293,300 residents as of 2010. The other 2 districts of the area Wenzhou urban area (溫州市区) Longwan District (龙湾区) and Ouhai District (瓯海区).

Coordinates: 28°01′11″N 120°39′18″E / 28.01972°N 120.65500°E / 28.01972; 120.65500