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Not to be confused with José Luciano de Castro.
Luciano Daniel Castro
Born (1975-03-16) March 16, 1975 (age 41)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Nationality Argentine
Occupation Actor
Known for Valientes
Herederos de una venganza

Luciano Castro (Spanish pronunciation: [luˈsjano ˈkastɾo]; born on March 16, 1975) is an Argentine actor. He began his work in television in Jugate Conmigo, when he was aged 18. He continued his acting career, and worked as the lead actor in several successful telenovelas, such as Valientes, Herederos de una venganza and Sos mi hombre.[1]


Luciano Castro first worked in television in the game show Jugate Conmigo, in the sketches and games, and singing songs like "Bella" and "Mía". He was initially known simply as "Luciano". He won the golden "Jugate Conmigo" award in the program.[1]

He was the lead actor of the 2007 telenovela Lalola, along with Carla Peterson. He received the Martín Fierro Award to the best actor, and the telenovela got the majority of awards, including the golden one.[2] He considers that his work in Lalola was crucial to keep working as an actor.[3] The next year he was the lead actor of Amanda O, along with Natalia Oreiro.[4] This telenovela was made for internet, and summaries of it were aired weekly on television.[4]

Luciano Castro, Mariano Martínez and Gonzalo Heredia were the lead actors of the 2009 telenovela Valientes, that became the most successful telenovela of Pol-ka with an average of 27,3 rating points.[5] Initially, Castro did not like the idea, but producer Adrián Suar convinced him to work in the telenovela.[6] The format of three lead actors and three lead actress (Julieta Díaz, Eleonora Wexler and Marcela Kloosterboer) was similar to the one used in the Colombian Pasión De Gavilanes.[7]

He worked in the 2011 telenovela Herederos de una venganza, with the actress Romina Gaetani. This telenovela was shot in a filming set in Pilar.[6]

Lobo, a 2012 telenovela starred by Gonzalo Heredia, was cancelled after a short time because of its low ratings. Luciano Castro was called to make a new telenovela to replace it, Sos mi hombre. He was reluctant to do that, as he is a friend of Heredia and had other projects, but his contract gave priority to the works with Pol-Ka.[8] Married with the actress Sabrina Rojas, their son was born by the time he finished working in Sos mi hombre.[9]




  • Jugate Conmigo (1994)
  • Lo de la Susy (2002)
  • Lo que habló el pescado (2004)
  • Rita, la salvaje (2005)
  • Hipólito y Fedra (2005)
  • Jack se fue a remar (2008)
  • Valientes (2009–2010)
  • Camino negro (2011–2012)



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