Luciano Soprani

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Luciano Soprani
Born 1946
Reggiolo, Italy
Died 23 October 1999(1999-10-23) (aged 52–53)
Cause of death Throat cancer
Residence Milan
Nationality Italian
Occupation Fashion designer
Children Lorenzo
Labels Luciano Soprani S.r.l.

Luciano Soprani (1946 – 23 October 1999) was an Italian fashion designer known for his tailored, colorful men's suits and silk evening gowns.

Early life[edit]

Soprani was born in Reggiolo[1] in 1946[citation needed] to a family of farmers[1] in the province of Reggio Emilia. After studying agriculture, he decided that he was more interested in fashion, and in 1967 he joined the local firm of Max Mara[1] in Reggio Emilia. He stayed there for nearly eight years,[1] before moving to Milan in 1974.[2] As a freelancer, he worked with labels such as Heliette, Basile, Nazareno, Gabrielli and Gucci.[2]


In 1982 he set up his own label, while continuing to work for other houses such as Gucci.[1] He was also wardrobe designer for the 1990 film Wild Orchid.[3]

In 1992 Soprani fell out with his Japanese business partner, Onward Kashiyama Co., Ltd., who owned 70% of Luciano Soprani SpA. Soprani dissociated himself from the company, whilst seeking to regain use of the trademark.

Soprani died of throat cancer in a hospital in Milan, on 23 October 1999.[1]

His friend Dilio Ortigoza succeeded him as designer at the company,[citation needed] to be followed by Alessandro Turci in 2002.[4] Studio Soprani was acquired by the perfume company Satinine S.p.a., and renamed Luciano Soprani S.r.l. in January 2006.[4]

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