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Industry LED Lighting
Founded Rueil-Malmaison, 2008
Founder Frederic Granotier
Headquarters Rueil-Malmaison, France, France
Number of locations
Hong Kong
United Kingdom
Key people
Frederic Granotier (Founder & CEO)
Divisions Cordel
Procédés Hallier

Lucibel is a France-based company that designs and manufactures light-emitting diode (LED) lighting products.[1][2]


Lucibel was founded in 2008 by its current CEO, Frederic Granotier.[3] The company produces LED products and set design.[4][5]

As of March 2013 Lucibel has raised some $16.6 million in venture capital funding.[6] Lucibel has formed partnerships with other companies such as Schneider Electric.[7]


Lucibel merged with Diligent Group, a Hong Kong-based company, in 2011.[4] It also acquired Homelights in 2012, a company that designs and markets LED devices,[8] Cordel,[9] a company specializing in shop lighting in 2013 and Procédés Hallier, a French company specialized in museum lighting in 2014.

Subsidiaries and offices[edit]

In 2014, Lucibel opened its Lucibel Africa subsidiary in Casablanca in October 2014 and reinforced its commercial presence in Asia by opening a new office in Singapore in September 2014.


In May 2014, Lucibel opened its own factory in Barentin (Haute-Normandie, France).

Awards and recognitions[edit]

In 2009, Lucibel was presented with gold at the annual Pentawards for its Pack Eggsbox, an environmentally freidnly recyclable energy-saving light bulb packaging made entirely of recycled material.[10]
In December 2012, Lucibel innovation was rewareded during the event "Cleantech Connect". Lucibel was elected "the most innovative cleantech company in Europe".[11]
In 2013, Lucibel was named in the prestigious "2013 Global Cleantech 100 list" which recognizes the 100 most promising private companies in the Cleantech sector. Lucibel also received the "Fastest Growing Company in Europe" award in the sector Cleantech.
In 2014, Lucibel received the "Growth Company Grand Prize" in the "Greentech&Energie" category (by the French manazine Décideurs) and won the Ile-de-France "2014 Innovation Talents" trophy.[12]


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