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Lucie Blue Tremblay (born 1958 in Montreal) is a Canadian folk singer-songwriter.

Tremblay started performing when she was still a child, accompanying her mother’s five piece band as a drummer. Later she taught herself guitar, and then the piano. Her first appearance in the United States was at the 1985 Michigan Womyn's Music Festival's Day stage singing a duet with another Canadian singer-songwriter, Ferron. Her debut album, released in 1986 by Olivia Records, was voted Top Ten Album of the Year by the Boston Globe.[1]

The "Frank-Tremblay Safe College Scholarship", named for Tremblay and openly gay Congressman Barney Frank, was created at Bridgewater State College in Bridgewater, Massachusetts.[2]


  • Lucie Blue Tremblay (1986)
  • Tendresse (1992)
  • Transformations (1993)
  • I'm Ready (1998)
  • Because of You (2001)
  • It's Got to Be About Love (2004)


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