Lucie Myslivečková

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Lucie Myslivečková
Cup of Russia 2010 - Lucie Myslivečková.jpg
Myslivečková in 2010
Personal information
Country representedSlovakia (2016–2018)
Czech Republic (until 2014)
Born (1989-12-08) 8 December 1989 (age 29)
Čeladná, Czechoslovakia
Home townBřeclav
Height1.64 m (5 ft 4 12 in)
PartnerLukáš Csölley, Matěj Novák, Neil Brown
CoachBarbara Fusar-Poli, Stefano Caruso, Roberto Pelizzola, Muriel Boucher-Zazoui, Olivier Schoenfelder, Natalia Karamysheva, Rostislav Sinicyn, Eva Horklová
ChoreographerCorrado Giordani, Barbara Fusar-Poli, Muriel Boucher-Zazoui, Romain Haguenauer, Olivier Schoenfelder, Margarita Drobiazko, Povilas Vanagas, Rostislav Sinicyn
Skating clubSKP Bratislava
Kraso Břeclav
Training locationsMilan, Italy
Lyon, France
Prague, Czech Republic
Oberstdorf, Germany
Began skating1993
Retired23 April 2018[1]
ISU personal best scores
Combined total142.57
2018 Winter Olympics
Short dance59.75
2018 Winter Olympics
Free dance83.80
2017 Europeans

Lucie Myslivečková (born 8 December 1989) is a Czech and Slovak former competitive ice dancer. Representing Slovakia with Lukáš Csölley, she competed at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Earlier in her career, she represented the Czech Republic with Matěj Novák and Neil Brown. With Novák, she is the 2010 Golden Spin of Zagreb champion and the 2011 Czech national champion.

Personal life[edit]

Myslivečková was born on 8 December 1989 in Čeladná.[2] She became a Slovak citizen in December 2017.[3][4]


Myslivečková started learning to skate in 1994.[2]

With Novák[edit]

Myslivečková teamed up with Matěj Novák in 2005.[5] At the end of September, they began representing the Czech Republic on the ISU Junior Grand Prix (JGP) circuit. The two made their senior international debut in September 2007 at the Nebelhorn Trophy before winning the silver medal at the 2007 JGP in Sheffield, England. In November, they took the senior bronze medal at the Pavel Roman Memorial.

Myslivečková/Novák were awarded the bronze medal at the 2008 JGP in Courchevel, France. In February 2009, they competed in Sofia, Bulgaria, at their fourth consecutive World Junior Championships, finishing 8th.[6] A month later, they appeared at their first senior ISU Championship, placing 21st at the 2009 World Championships in Los Angeles.

Myslivečková/Novák made their senior Grand Prix debut the following season, finishing 7th at the 2009 Cup of Russia and 9th at the 2009 NHK Trophy. They missed part of the season due to her broken elbow.[5] The two ranked 16th at the 2010 World Championships in Turin, Italy.

During the 2010–11 season, they won silver at the Ondrej Nepela Memorial, finished 6th at the NHK Trophy and 5th at the Cup of Russia. They won their first international title at the 2010 Golden Spin of Zagreb. At the end of the season, Novák decided to leave competitive skating.[7]

Later partnerships[edit]

Myslivečková teamed up with French ice dancer Neil Brown in the summer of 2011.[8][9] Representing the Czech Republic, the two won the bronze medal at the 2012 Bavarian Open, silver at the 2012 Ice Challenge, and bronze at the 2013 International Trophy of Lyon, in addition to two national titles.

Myslivečková/Brown competed at three European Championships, achieving their highest placement, 14th, at the 2013 Europeans in Zagreb, Croatia. Ranked 21st in the short dance, they just missed qualifying for the final segment at the 2013 World Championships in London, Ontario, Canada. Their final competition together was the Bavarian Open in February 2014.

Myslivečková briefly partnered with Czech single skater Pavel Kaška but they did not compete internationally.[10] After undergoing surgery for a ligament tear in her knee, followed by six months of rest, she became a coach in Norway.[11]

2016–2017 season: First season with Csölley[edit]

Slovakia's Lukáš Csölley contacted Myslivečková on Skype after his previous partner ended her career.[12] They teamed up in late June 2016 and announced on 11 July 2016 that they would compete together for Slovakia.[13][2] During their first season together, they were coached by Roberto Pelizzola and Paola Mezzadri in Milan, Italy.[11]

Myslivečková/Csölley won gold at the Volvo Open Cup in November 2016 and placed 16th at the 2017 European Championships in Ostrava, Czech Republic. In mid-March 2017, they decided to withdraw from the World Championships in Helsinki due to Myslivečková's shoulder injury, requiring an operation.[14]

2017–2018 season: 2018 Winter Olympics[edit]

During the season, Myslivečková/Csölley trained under Barbara Fusar-Poli, Stefano Caruso, and Roberto Pelizzolla in Milan, Italy.[15] In late September, the duo competed at the 2017 CS Nebelhorn Trophy, the final qualifying opportunity for the 2018 Winter Olympics. Their result, 6th, was sufficient to obtain an Olympic spot for Slovakia, by 0.27 of a point. In January, they placed 17th at the 2018 European Championships in Moscow, Russia.

In February, the two competed at the 2018 Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea.[16] They qualified to the free dance and finished 20th overall. In March, they placed 25th at the 2018 World Championships in Milan, Italy.


With Csölley[edit]

Season Short dance Free dance
  • Paris
    by Ibrahim Maalouf
  • Lilies of the Valley
    (from Pina)
    by Yun Miyake
  • Defie 1962
    by Ibrahim Maalouf
  • True Story
    by Ibrahim Maalouf

With Brown[edit]

Season Short dance Free dance
  • Foxtrot: Hit by Brick
    by The Atomic Fireballs
  • Quickstep: Boyfriend (remix)
    by Antoine Delvig vs. Lou Bega
  • Mambo Italiano
    by El tattoo del tigre
  • Manfred's Mambo
    by El tattoo del tigre
  • Mambo No. 8
    by Perez Prado
  • Pendulum
  • Challenger
    by Skrillex
  • Scary Monsters and Nice Sprinters
    by Cutting Edge Sound Design
  • Scary Monsters and Nice Sprinters remix

With Novák[edit]

Season Short dance Free dance
  • Waltz: Battagliero
  • Quickstep
    by Alexander's Rag Time Band
  • Let My People Go
  • Money
  • Jessica Rabbit
  • Venus
Original dance
  • Blues: Harlem Nocturne
  • Quickstep: Let Yourself Go
Finnish dance:
  • Lehty
  • Leva's Polka
    by Loituma
  • Tango Taemstvi
    by Daniel Landa
  • Cellblock Tango
    (from Chicago musical)
  • Cha Cha: Banga, Banga
    by Buena Vista Social Club
  • Rhumba: Mi Thierra
    by Edwin Bonilla
  • Samba: Vive, Vive!
    by Puerto Rican Power
  • Whenever, Whenever
    by Shakira
  • Sing for the Moment
  • Objection
    by Shakira

Competitive highlights[edit]

GP: Grand Prix; CS: Challenger Series; JGP: Junior Grand Prix

With Csölley for Slovakia[edit]

Event 2016–17 2017–18
Winter Olympics 20th
World Championships WD 25th
European Championships 16th 17th
CS Lombardia Trophy 7th
CS Nebelhorn Trophy 6th
CS Ondrej Nepela Memorial 8th
CS Warsaw Cup 3rd
International Cup of Nice 8th
Volvo Open Cup 1st
Slovak Championships 1st
WD = Withdrew

With Brown for the Czech Republic[edit]

Myslivečkova and Brown at the 2012 European Championships
Event 2011–12 2012–13 2013–14
World Champ. 21st
European Champ. 19th 14th 26th
Bavarian Open 3rd
Cup of Nice 5th 10th
Golden Spin 10th 10th
Ice Challenge 2nd
Nebelhorn Trophy 10th
Nepela Memorial 5th 10th
Pavel Roman Memorial 6th
Trophy of Lyon 4th 3rd
Czech Champ. 2nd 1st 1st

With Novák for the Czech Republic[edit]

Myslivečkova and Novák at the 2009 NHK Trophy
Event 05–06 06–07 07–08 08–09 09–10 10–11
Worlds 21st 16th 22nd
Europeans 10th
GP Cup of Russia 7th 5th
GP NHK Trophy 9th 6th
Golden Spin 1st
Nebelhorn Trophy 11th 6th 7th
Nepela Memorial 2nd
Pavel Roman 3rd
Schäfer Memorial 4th
International: Junior[26]
Junior Worlds 19th 18th 12th 8th
JGP Bulgaria 15th
JGP Czech Rep. 4th
JGP Estonia 4th
JGP France 3rd
JGP U.K. 2nd
Pavel Roman 5th J
Czech Champ. 1st J 1st J 2nd 2nd 1st
J = Junior level


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