Lucien Gaudin

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Lucien Gaudin
Lucien Gaudin in 1912
Personal information
Born27 September 1886
Arras, France
Died23 September 1934 (aged 47)
Paris, France

Lucien Alphonse Paul Gaudin (27 September 1886 – 23 September 1934) was a French fencer. He competed in foil and in épée events at the 1920, 1924 and 1928 Olympics and won a gold or silver medal in every event he entered, accumulating four gold and two silver medals total.[1] This record is tied for the best French Olympics performance, matching fencers Christian d'Oriola (four gold and two silver) then followed by both Philippe Cattiau and Roger Ducret (three gold, four silver and one bronze).

Gaudin also won two international champion's titles in épée (1905 and 1918), the European title in épée (1921, first edition) and nine consecutive French titles in foil (1906–1914).

Some sources claim that Gaudin was on the silver-medal sabre team in 1920, crediting him with an Olympic medal in each weapon.[2][3] However, the IOC medalist database does not award Gaudin a medal in that event,[4] the full results of the event show that he did not fence,[5] and numerous lists of competitors do not include him on the team.[6]

After retiring from competitions Gaudin became a journalist and co-owner of the company Les Films Sportifs, which produced the 1924 Olympic film. Gaudin committed suicide in 1934 when his company went bankrupt.[1]


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