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Lucien Greaves
Greaves at SASHAcon in March 2016
Other namesDouglas Mesner
Alma materHarvard University
OrganizationThe Satanic Temple

Lucien Greaves, also known by the pseudonym Douglas Mesner, is a social activist and the spokesman and co-founder of The Satanic Temple.[1][2][3] Greaves has appeared in numerous media outlets and has made televised appearances on the Fox News Network.

Early life and education[edit]

The Massachusetts Hall at Harvard University, Greaves' alma mater

Greaves was born in Detroit, Michigan.[3] He studied neuroscience with a speciality in false-memory syndrome[4] and graduated from Harvard University.[3]


Greaves has spoken on the topics of Satanism, Secularism, and The Satanic Temple at Universities throughout the United States,[5][6][7] and he has been a featured speaker at national conferences hosted by American Atheists,[8] the American Humanist Association,[9] and the Secular Student Alliance.[10]

The Satanic Temple[edit]

Greaves has been instrumental in setting up the Protect Children Project, the After School Satan project, and several political demonstrations and legal actions designed to highlight social issues involving religious liberty and the separation of church and state.[11][12]

Personal life[edit]

Greaves says he has received many death threats, and deliberately does not use his legal name, to avoid threats to his family.[3]


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