Lucien Musset

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Lucien Musset
Lucien Musset.jpg
Born(1922-08-26)26 August 1922
Rennes, France
Died15 December 2004(2004-12-15) (aged 82)
Caen France
Known forPioneering research on Germanic peoples, Vikings and Normans
Scientific career

Lucien Musset (26 August 1922 – 15 December 2004) was a French historian, specializing in the Duchy of Normandy and the history of the Vikings.


Born in Rennes, Musset served as a Professor of History at the University of Caen.

Selected works[edit]

Musset's major works include:

  • Les Peuples scandinaves au Moyen Âge (Scandinavian Peoples in the Middle Ages), Presses universitaires de France, Paris, 1951, 352 p.
  • Les Invasions : les vagues germaniques (Invasions: The Germanic Waves), Presses universitaires de France, Paris, 1965
  • Les Invasions ; le second assaut contre l’Europe chrétienne VIIe−XI siècles (Invasions: The Second Assault Against Christian Europe, 7th – 11th Centuries), Presses universitaires de France, Paris, 1965
  • Nordica et normannica : recueil d’études sur la Scandinavie ancienne et médiévale, les expéditions des Vikings et la fondation de la Normandie (Nordica and Normannica: collection of essays on ancient and medieval Scandinavia, the Viking expeditions and the founding of Normandy), Société des études nordiques, Paris, 1997
  • "Naissance de la Normandie" ("Birth of Normandy"), in Michel de Boüard (editor), Histoire de la Normandie, Privat, Toulouse, 1970, p. 75-129 (ISBN 2-7089-1707-2)

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