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Lucien Nocelli
Birth name Lucien Nocelli Jr
Born (1965-04-21) April 21, 1965 (age 52)
Origin United States Newark, New Jersey, United States
Genres Rock
Jazz fusion
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, Guitarist, Author
Instruments Vocals(Main)
Guitar (Main)
Years active 1981 - Present
Labels Infinite Trend Productions
Associated acts Beatlemania, Bebop Gypsies

Lucien Nocelli (born April 21, 1965, in Belleville in the U.S. state of New Jersey) is an American guitarist, singer and songwriter. He released his first major album, Open Sky, on December 11, 1986, with his jazz fusion trio Lucien Nocelli and the Jazz Experience. The release was highly acclaimed and widely played on the college radio circuit across the East Coast.

Nocelli released self-titled Lucien Nocelli and the Jazz Experience, a three song jazz fusion compilation on April 22, 1993 which landed him a contract with Woodrich Records and extensive air play nationwide. He continued to have such success with future releases. Most recently he has written and recorded a CD Single Message For Peace / Electric Train (2005) and released his newest album Deal With It (2008). The style of music blends rock, jazz, pop, and jazz fusion with a glam rock attitude.

Early years[edit]

Born in Belleville, New Jersey, Nocelli was raised in Clifton, New Jersey, by his father, Lucien Nocelli Sr. and his mother, Maryann Nocelli who purchased Nocelli's first instrument, a half-sized red acoustic guitar. Once the initial cosmetic infatuation with the instrument itself, he began to actually listen to music which inspired him to pick it up and learn to play.

After hearing The Beatles Come Together on the radio, he was hooked, as it was John Lennon that inspired him to pick up the instrument mainly, as well as Glen Campbell's Southern Nights, and a song called Ride Captain Ride. Soon after hearing Come Together however, it was his Beatles album collection that began to take over.

Nocelli's first real guitar knowledge was received by his grandfather Tony Francischetti, a musician himself who played banjo, guitar and violin. At this point his desire began for an electric guitar. After persuading his Mother to take him the local Sam Ash music store, he acquired a Lyle electric guitar which was a Gibson SG knockoff. Soon after the package was complete when he received his first amplifier, a Kustom Guitar Amplifier. Soon after he began studying music lessons with his first instructor Fred Barnett with whom he stayed studying with for many years as he grew into a diligent student, often locking himself in his bedroom for hours to study his playing. Eventually the Lyle Guitar and Kustom Amplifier could only take him so far so he traded them in at a New Jersey store, Mascara Music in Belleville, for a Burgundy ES335 Gibson Guitar and Yamaha Amplifier.

Nocelli attended Clifton High School and graduated in 1984. [1]

Musical career[edit]

At the age of 16, Nocelli formed his first band, Destiny with his cousin Steve Francischetti, the drummer while Nocelli was lead vocalist and lead guitarist. Destiny toured all over the Tri-State area playing at colleges, high schools, dances, churches and private events performing rock covers from Lynyrd Skynyrd, The Doobie Brothers, The Beatles, The Stones, Thin Lizzy, Eric Clapton, Dire Straits, and Grateful Dead.

By the age of 17, Nocelli's musical interest shifted to Fusion, an instrumental mix of rock and jazz featuring rock rhythms and melodic jazz melody. His began to listen more to Fusion artists Chick Corea Al Di Meola and Larry Carlton. He began studying with a Jazz teacher, Tony Scally who taught him that he needed to learn straight Jazz first before beginning to understand Fusion. Nocelli co-formed a new group at this time for his new musical tastes. World of Difference featuring a diverse sound of Rock, Jazz, Pop and Funk music styles combined.

Continuing his Jazz education, Nocelli studied with Tal Farlow, a renowned Jazz guitarist. Advancing rapidly in his playing his new style, he focused solely on Jazz fusion for the next 12 years. He purchased a Heritage Jazz guitar and toured the New York City Jazz circuit with his trio Lucien Nocelli and The Jazz Experience.

Nocelli at this time wrote an advanced guitar method book, Modes In Motion: The Nocelli Guitar Method, and began to teach advanced guitar students at a prestigious music school Von Bartheld School for Music in Ridgewood, New Jersey. Soon after he opened his own music school in Forked River, New Jersey, The School for Musical Instruction which remained in business for 6 years.

Eager to create music equal in lyrical content and guitar, Nocelli formed Bebop Gypsies with James Hart (bassist) on bass and Marco Polo (drummer) on drums, who released one album before the group disbanded due to internal politics. He briefly joined his cousin's group at the time, Test Infection, an industrial metal band who released a few songs and toured live.

Throughout the years Nocelli toured off and on portraying John Lennon in the off Broadway production, Beatlemania. He is still currently touring internationally with Beatlemania. [2]

In 2005,. Nocelli signed with Infinite Trend Productions, and released Message For Peace / Electric Train (CD Single), and a limited edition acoustic album which sold out immediately, Acoustic Lullabys (2006). His major rock release Deal With It was released in 2008, followed up by a concept Jazz Fusion album EvoLucien released in (2011).


In April 2007, Nocelli's advanced guitar method book, Modes In Motion: The Nocelli Guitar Method was re-released with Infinite Trend Productions publishing division. His 2008 release, Deal With It was released in February 2008 to rave reviews. On November 14, 2011, he released Jazz Fusion "EvoLucien", a concept album including a 24-page booklet of song descriptions as well as 3 pieces of Pointillism artwork (by his wife Sheri Nocelli) illustrating the story of the music. The album includes the subeject of human origins with songs about Stone Tools, Lake Turkana, Out of Africa, Intervention, FOXP2, Lulu Upgrade, and Genetics such as Mutation, Natural Selection, and Genetic Drift.

Personal life[edit]


Nocelli has two sons from his first marriage. Nocelli married Sheri Nocelli on October 25, 2003. In March 2008 Sheri Nocelli was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia and was treated with Chemotherapy and a Bone Marrow Transplant. Their son Adrian Robert Nocelli was born August 18, 2003, and their daughter Luciana Virginia Nocelli was born May 1, 2007. They reside in Lincroft, New Jersey.


World of Difference[edit]

World of Difference Release Date: October 1, 1985

Track List:

  • Take Another Shot
  • No Trouble At All
  • Streetwise
  • Tamper With The Wild
  • You Can't Lose

Open Sky[edit]

Lucien Nocelli and The Jazz Experience (Contemporary Jazz Fusion CD) Release Date: December 11, 1986

Track List:

  • Open Sky God's Touch
  • Rough Cut
  • The Hope
  • Waiting
  • Change of Movement
  • Cold Below

Lucien Nocelli and the Jazz Experience (1993)[edit]

Release Date: April 22, 1993

Track List:

  • Beyond
  • New Life
  • Sandwalking

Nocelli recorded this three song instrumental Jazz release which was published with Woodrich Records and played all over college radio nationwide.

Bebop Gypsies[edit]

Bebop Gypsies Release Date: July 28, 1994

Track List:

  • Memories
  • Lost In Love
  • Home
  • Better Way
  • Walk Away
  • Shade of The Sun

Test Infection[edit]

Test Infection (CdCulture Compilations) Release Date: 1995


  • Skin
  • Therapy
  • Dick Lucifer

Message For Peace / Electric Train[edit]

Lucien Nocelli Release Date: January 3, 2005 (CD Single) Label: Infinite Trend Records

Track List:

  • Message For Peace
  • Electric Train
  • Message For Peace (Acoustic)
  • Race Is Him

Acoustic — Lullabies Limited Edition[edit]

Lucien Nocelli Release Date: July 1, 2005

Track List:

  • Princess Lullaby
  • Sandwalking
  • Light of The Moon
  • South Georgia Bay
  • Sleep Sweet Virginia
  • Blues Baby Boy
  • Unborn Child
  • Shape Their World
  • Princess Lullaby (Instrumental)
  • Music Box

Deal With It[edit]

Lucien Nocelli Release Date: February 11, 2008 Label: Infinite Trend Records

Track List:

  • Deal With It
  • Caffeine Blast
  • No Rest
  • Give Em A Fight
  • Loneliness
  • My Gift
  • Pleasure Thing
  • Gimme One Reason
  • Childhood Friend
  • Electric Train
  • Picture Child
  • War
  • Pirates Tale


Lucien Nocelli Release Date: November 14, 2011 Label: Infinite Trend Records

Track List:

  • Life Beyond the Trees
  • Stone Tools
  • Lake Turkana
  • Out of Africa
 - First Migration
 - Second Migration
  • Tones of Stones and Bones
  • Intervention
  • FOXP2
  • Lulu Upgrade
  • Eden
 - Mitochondrial Eve
 - Y Chromosomal Adam
  • March of the Ancestral Modern Humans / Discovering New Lands
  • Evolution
 - Mutation
 - Natural Selection
 - Genetic Drift

External links[edit]

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