Lucien Weissenburger

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Façade of Weissenburger's own house (Immeuble Weissenburger) in Nancy.

Lucien Weissenburger (2 May 1860 – 24 February 1929) was a French architect.

Weissenburger was born and died in Nancy. He was one of the principal architects to work in the Art Nouveau style in Lorraine and was a member of the board of directors of the École de Nancy.

Some of Weissenburger's principal buildings include:

  • Magasins Réunis (1890–1907; destroyed), Nancy
  • Villa Jika, also known as the Villa Majorelle (1898–1902, in collaboration with Henri Sauvage), Nancy
  • Imprimerie Royer (1899–1900), Nancy
  • Maison Bergeret (1903-4), Nancy
  • Villa Corbin (1904-9), Nancy (now the grounds of the Musée de l'École de Nancy)
  • Immeuble Weissenburger (1904-6), Nancy
  • Villa Henri-Emmanuel Lang (1906), Nancy
  • Maison Chardot (1907), Nancy
  • Theater of Lunéville (1908)
  • Exposition Internationale de l'Est de la France (1909), Nancy:
    • Maison des Magasins Réunis
    • Pavillon du Gaz [Gas Pavilion]
  • Brasserie Excelsior and Hotel Angleterre (1911), Nancy
  • Magasins Vaxelaire, Pignot, and Cie (1913), Nancy