Lucienne Bisson

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Lucienne Bisson
Born 1880 (1880)
Died 1939 (aged 58–59)
Nationality French
Known for Painting

Lucienne Bisson (1880–1939) was a French artist.

Bisson was born in Paris. She was the illegitimate daughter of Pierre-Auguste Renoir (1841–1919)[1] and Frédérique Vallet-Bisson, a French painter who was leading the Société Féminine des Artistes.[2][nb 1]

Lucienne Bisson exhibited her works in many French Salons, among them the Salon des Indépendants.[2] She is famous for her Paris city views, beautiful landscapes and colorful still lifes.[citation needed] For instance, Bisson made a painting that captured the "heavy atmosphere" on a cloudy Paris street in 1920s.[1]

Lucienne Bisson, Madame Griffon, pastel, c. 1930


  1. ^ Frédérique Vallet-Bisson (1865 - 1949) studied with Jules Lefebvre. She exhibited Two Roses at the 1893 Columbian World Exposition and in 1914 received the Chevalier de la Légion d'Honneur as a successful painter. Lucienne may have been born in 1884.[3]


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