Lucifer's Friend (album)

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Lucifer's Friend
Lucifer's Friend (album) coverart.jpg
Studio album by
RecordedNovember 1970[1]
GenreHard rock[2]
Length40:32 (Original LP) , 53:02 (with bonus tracks)
LabelGermany: Philips (original release)
Repertoire (1990 reissue)
Vertigo (2010 reissue)
US: Billingsgate
ProducerHerbert Hildebrandt
Lucifer's Friend chronology
Lucifer's Friend
Where the Groupies Killed the Blues
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic4/5 stars[1]

Lucifer's Friend is the first studio album by the hard rock band Lucifer's Friend, released in 1970. Lucifer's Friend would change directions multiple times on upcoming albums. However, the progressive and krautrock influenced proto-doom metal on this album lives up to the sinister cover. [1]

Track listing[edit]

Side one[edit]

  1. "Ride in the Sky" (Hesslein, Lawton) 2:55
  2. "Everybody's Clown" (Rietenbach, Horns, Docker, Hecht, Hesslein) 6:12
  3. "Keep Goin'" (Horns, Docker, Hecht, Hesslein) 5:26
  4. "Toxic Shadows" (Docker, Hesslein) 7:00

Side two[edit]

  1. "Free Baby" (Horns, Lawton, Hecht, Hesslein) 5:28
  2. "Baby You're a Liar" (Rietenbach, Horns, Docker, Hecht, Hesslein) 3:55
  3. "In the Time of Job When Mammon Was a Yippie" (Horns, Docker, Hecht, Hesslein) 4:04
  4. "Lucifer's Friend" (Rietenbach, Horns, Hildebrandt-Winhauer, Hecht, Hesslein) 6:12

Bonus tracks from the 1990 re-release[edit]

  1. "Rock 'n' Roll Singer" (Hesslein, Lawton) 4:21
  2. "Satyr's Dance" 3:17
  3. "Horla" (Rietenbach, Horns, Docker, Hecht, Hesslein) 2:52
  4. "Our World Is a Rock 'n' Roll Band" (Becker, Docker) 3:20
  5. "Alpenrosen" (Horns, Bornhold, Hecht, Hesslein) 3:53

Bonus tracks from the 2010 re-release[edit]

  1. "Horla" (Rietenbach, Horns, Docker, Hecht, Hesslein) 2:53
  2. "Lucifer's Friend" (Radio Edit) (Rietenbach, Horns, Hildebrandt-Winhauer, Hecht, Hesslein) 3:43



  • John Lawton – lead vocals
  • Peter Hesslein – lead guitars, vocals, percussion
  • Peter Hecht – organ, piano, French horn (on "Ride the Sky")
  • Dieter Horns – bass, vocals
  • Joachim Rietenbach – drums, percussion[3]


  • Günther Zipelius – engineer
  • Henning Ruete, Horst Andritschke – mixing
  • Juligan Studio – photography and cover design
  • Herbert Hildebrandt-Winhauer – producer
  • Lucifer's Friend – co-producer


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