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Cover of the magazine Lucifer

Lucifer was a journal published by Helena Blavatsky. The first edition was issued in September 1887 in London. The journal published articles on philosophical, theosophical, scientific and religious topics. It also contained book reviews, for example of Friedrich Nietzsche's Thus Spoke Zarathustra.[1]


The journal was first published by Blavatsky. From 1889 until Blavatsky's death in May 1891 Annie Besant was a co-editor. Besant then published the journal until September 1895, when George Robert Stowe Mead became a co-editor. The journal appeared twelve times a year and was 80 to 90 pages long.[1] The last of twenty volumes was published in August 1897. More than 2800 articles were published in this journal between 1887 and 1897.[2] Then the journal was renamed to The Theosophical Review.[3]

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