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The Lucilia was a noble family (gens) of ancient Rome. Its men bore the nomen Lucilius.

Members included:

  • Gaius Lucilius, satirist 2nd century BC. Lucilius was credited by Horace and others with originating the genre of satire.
  • Lucilius Junior, friend and correspondent of the younger Seneca.
  • Lucilius, a centurion known as "Fetch-Me-Another" (Cedo Alterum) for his tendency to break his vine staff during beatings, killed in the Pannonian mutiny
  • The tomb of Marcus Lucilius Paetus, a military tribune in the time of Augustus, and his sister Lucilia Polla was discovered in Rome, near the Villa Albani, in 1885. It is a round structure about 34 metres across, and believed to have been surmounted by a conical mound of earth 17 metres high.

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