Lucilla singleyana

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Lucilla singleyana
Lucilla singleyana shell.jpg
Five shells of Lucilla singleyana, scale bar is in mm
Scientific classification
L. singleyana
Binomial name
Lucilla singleyana
(Pilsbry, 1889)[2]
  • Zonites singleyanus Pilsbry, 1889
  • Helicodiscus (Hebetodiscus) singleyanus inermis H. B. Baker, 1929

Lucilla singleyana is a species of minute air-breathing land snail, a terrestrial pulmonate gastropod mollusc or micromollusk in the family Helicodiscidae.[3]

The shell of this species is about 2 mm in width.

Original description[edit]

Lucilla singleyana was originally discovered and described (under the name Zonites singleyanus) by Henry Augustus Pilsbry in 1889.[2]

Pilsbry's original text (the type description) reads as follows:


This species is Holarctic in distribution.

The indigenous distribution for this species includes North America.

Then non-indigenous distribution areas include:

This species was previously announced from the Czech Republic since 1988, but later in 2009 was all findings recognized as Lucilla scintilla.[5]

This species has been introduced to New Zealand.[7]


This species lives in soil, see soil-inhabitant. Technically this is known as being a terricol species.


This article incorporates public domain text from the reference.[2]

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