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Lucinda Croft
Lucinda Croft.jpg
Home and Away character
Portrayed by Dee Smart
Duration 1991-92
First appearance 13 June 1991
Last appearance 16 September 1992
Introduced by Des Monaghan
Classification Former, regular
Occupation Artist
Home Perth

Lucinda Claire "Lou" Croft is a fictional character from the Australian Channel Seven soap opera Home and Away, played by Dee Smart.


Smart had been studying drama in Sydney for three years when she secured the role of Lucinda. It was Smart's first ever acting role.[1] Smart signed a contract to remain with the series for two years.[2] Smart said that she was "a wreck" before filming her first scenes but soon learned to cope with the process. Each weekend Smart would attend acting classes to improve her skills.[3]

Smart decided to give the magazines TV Week a "scathing" interview about her role in the serial.[4] Only eight months into her contract, Smart told the publication that she felt as though she was completing a "prison sentence". She added that "It feels like I've been here for years".[2] Smart criticised the serial for their fast production. She claimed there was no time to develop a character and said it was "impossible to do a good job" because of the time limits. Smart even said that she was surprised there was time to do any acting. Smart also spoke negatively about Lucinda because she "goes on and on and on - it is kind of abnormal for a character to last this long". Smart ended the interview by saying she would not sign another long-term contract.[2]

Smart's comments annoyed the Seven Network, who tried to release her from her contract. The move proved difficult because the serial had already planned storylines for Lucinda in advance. TV Week said that the character would have to remain in the serial for "some time yet".[5] However, producers retaliated further by publicly sacking Smart via an announcement in TV Week and Lucinda was written out of the serial.[4] Speaking of her departure, Smart told Inside Soap that she had learned a "tremendous amount" from working on the series. Smart said that she is like her character she is not traditional; Lucinda does not care about doing "the 'done' thing".[3]


Lucinda arrives in Summer Bay to visit her uncle, Donald Fisher (Norman Coburn). They have not seen each other for many years and Donald is left bewildered when Lucinda turns out to be a tomboy into motorbikes. Donald still wants the best for his niece though and tries to set her up with policeman Nick Parrish (Bruce Roberts) by inviting them both round for a dinner party. Lucinda quickly figures out Donald's scheme but learns Nick is genuinely interested in her. After a series of false starts, Nick stops Lucinda as she is about to leave town and kisses her. Lou attempts to put some spark in their relationship by organizing a treasure hunt, although Nick is disappointed when the prize turns out to be a toy car he wanted as a child rather than Lou herself. Lucinda's life takes knock when her brother David (Guy Pearce) arrives to stay, since relations between the two siblings are somewhat strained after his poor financial advice led to their parents losing their home. Just as they begin to put the past behind them, David is killed in a car accident caused by teenager Karen Dean (Belinda Jarrett).

Lucinda is left in shock by the incident and is even further thrown when David's friend Ryan Lee (Alistair McDougall), an old boyfriend of hers, arrives in the wake of the tragedy. Lucinda increasingly leans on Ryan, distancing herself from Nick. Ryan persuades her to return to their home town of Perth, Western Australia with him but just as they are taking a taxi out of town, Nick appears at the roadside with a placard asking her to marry him. Lucinda quickly accepts his offer, staying in Summer Bay. Nick and Lucinda try to settle down but have trouble finding somewhere to live. They make an offer on their dream home but when they arrive to take possession they find two other couples there and no sign of the people they paid their deposit to: The sale was a con job. With Don insisting they sleep in separate rooms if they live with him, they end up staying at the caravan park. Nick's pride is further dented when Lucinda takes a job with the council road gang to earn money although she soon quits when she grows tired of the foreman's chauvinism.

When Lucinda discovers that Sophie Simpson (Rebekah Elmaloglou), who David had been dating, is pregnant, she strongly suspects that David is the father and not Sophie's friend Simon Fitzgerald (Richard Norton) as she had claimed. Lucinda is correct but the stress of the situation causes Sophie to run away from home. Her mishandling causes Lucinda to realise that the baby wouldn't be a replacement for David. Sophie has trouble accepting the same and Lucinda is grateful when Ryan returns to town and helps convince her that the baby is a person in its own right.

Ryan continues to be a rock, helping Lucinda and Sophie set up a nursery for the baby, causing Nick to worry that he is still interested in Lucinda. The couple move with Donald to his new house, although they arrive to find the house is not ready and have to spend the night with Don's daughter Bobby Simpson (Nicolle Dickson) and her boyfriend Greg Marshall (Ross Newton). Ryan steals a nude painting of Nick Lou had done and manipulates Simon and his friend Blake Dean (Les Hill) into displaying it in public but Lou refuses to believe Ryan was involved. Nick's younger brother Shane (Dieter Brummer) arrives to stay, wreaking havoc in the process. After he and Lucinda argue at Greg and Bobby's wedding reception, Ryan corners Lucinda outside and kisses her.

Lucinda feels guilty about the incident but is unable to deny she still has feelings for Ryan. Marilyn Chambers (Emily Symons), who Ryan had briefly dated in order to hide his interest in Lucinda, sees the pair kissing and demands that Lucinda tell Nick. Distressed, Lucinda goes to see Ryan in his caravan and sleeps with him. She regrets it instantly but Donald realises the truth when he hears Ryan dropping her off at the house. Ryan kisses Lucinda again but she pushes him away. However, the event is witnessed by Shane and his friend Damian Roberts (Matt Doran). Shane assumes they were having an affair and starts a revenge campaign against Ryan that lands him in trouble with the law and Lucinda is forced to confess everything to Nick. She rejects Ryan and he leaves town, finally admitting defeat. Nick and Lucinda try to salvage their relationship but the damage is already done. Nick misses out on a promotion at work and blames Lucinda for distracting him. The final straw comes when Nick gets angry when Lucinda talks to another man. It is clear the trust has gone out of their relationship. Lucinda breaks things off for good and leaves.


Mary Fletcher of Inside Soap said that Smart helped make Lucinda one of Home and Away's most popular characters.[3]


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