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Lucinda Riley (born c.1966 Lucinda Edmonds, in Lisburn, Northern Ireland)[1] is an Irish author of popular historical fiction and a former actress. She spent the first few years of her life in the village of Drumbeg near Belfast before moving to England.[2] At age 14 she moved to London to a specialist drama and ballet school. At 16 she got her first major television role in the BBC adaptation of The Story of the Treasure Seekers, followed shortly afterwards by a memorable guest role in Auf Wiedersehen Pet. She remained a working actress for the next seven years, also marrying, but her career was interrupted by a long bout of mononucleosis at age 23. This caused her to turn to writing, and her first novel Lovers and Players was published in 1992.[2]In 2016 producer Raffaella De Laurentiis purchased the television rights to her five-novel series Seven Sisters.[1][3]



As Lucinda Edmonds

  • Lovers and Players (1992)
  • Hidden Beauty (1993)
  • Enchanted (1994)
  • Not Quite an Angel (1995)
  • Aria (1996)
  • Losing You (1997)
  • Playing With Fire (1998)
  • Seeing Double (2000)

As Lucinda Riley

  • The Orchid House (also known as Hothouse Flower) (2010)
  • The Girl on the Cliff (2011)
  • The Light Behind the Window (also known as The Lavender Garden) (2012)
  • The Midnight Rose (2013)
  • The Angel Tree (2014)
  • The Italian Girl (a rewrite of Aria) (2014)
  • The Olive Tree (also published as Helena's Secret) (2016)
  • The Love Letter (a rewrite of Seeing Double) (2018)
  • The Butterfly Room (2019)

The Seven Sisters Series[edit]

  • The Seven Sisters (2014)
  • The Storm Sister (2015)
  • The Shadow Sister (2016)
  • The Pearl Sister (2017)
  • The Moon Sister (2018)
  • The Sun Sister (2019)


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