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Lucinico (Slovene: Ločnik) is a frazione in Gorizia, in Friuli-Venezia Giulia.

The frazione lies 4.88 kilometres from the town of Gorizia.[1]

In Literature[edit]

Lucinico is featured in the last chapter of Italo Svevo's novel Zeno's Conscience. In May 1915 the book's protagonist, a businessman from Trieste, comes with his wife and children to spend a vacation at a rented house in Lucinico. The outbreak of war between Italy and Austro-Hungary turns Lucinico into a war zone and the protagonist - setting out on a casual morning stroll without his hat and jacket - finds the front suddenly cutting him off from his family.


Coordinates: 45°56′N 13°34′E / 45.933°N 13.567°E / 45.933; 13.567