Lucius Antonius (grandson of Mark Antony)

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Lucius Antonius (20 BC – AD 25) was the eldest son of Iullus Antonius and Claudia Marcella Major. He was the grandson of triumvir Mark Antony and Octavia (sister of Augustus). No other siblings are known, but some epigraphic evidence suggests he had either a sister or a daughter Iulla Antonia.[1] His maternal half-sister was Vipsania Marcella.

His father was charged with adultery in 2 BC with Julia (daughter of Augustus) and was forced to commit suicide. Lucius was sent to Marseille as a result of his father's indiscretion. In Marseille he studied law. Tacitus records his death in AD 25 at Ann.4.44.4-5.[2]


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