Lucius Arruntius Camillus Scribonianus

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Usurper of the Roman Empire
Reign 41
Predecessor Gaius Caligula
Successor Claudius
Full name
Lucius Arruntius Camillus Scribonianus
Died 41

Lucius Arruntius Camillus Scribonianus was a Roman usurper who attempted to overthrow the newly installed Emperor Claudius in 41 CE.


Scribonianus was reportedly the biological son of Marcus Furius Camillus and brother to Livia Medullina, the second fiancee of Claudius.[1] He became the adopted son of Lucius Arruntius the Younger[2] (consul 6 CE), and grandson of Lucius Arruntius the Elder (consul 22 BCE). Scribonianus became consul in 32 CE[3] with Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus (biological father of Nero).

One of the people considered for the position of emperor after the death of Gaius Caligula,[4] despite his near-relationship to Claudius, he nevertheless instigated a revolt against Claudius in 41 CE while imperial legate of Dalmatia.[5] Approached by the influential senator Annius Vinicianus with a plot to overthrow Claudius,[6] he was proclaimed imperator by his troops, as Annius waited in Rome for his arrival.[7] The rebellion failed when Scribonianus announced his intention to restore the Republic,[8] causing his troops to turn against him, and forcing him to flee to the island of Issa. Here he committed suicide.[9] Imperial propaganda later declared that divine intervention prevented the standards of the legions from being pulled from the ground, causing the soldiers to turn against Scribonianus and kill him.[10]

A son survived him and was permitted to assume the post of quaestor under Claudius in 49 CE.


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Preceded by
Tiberius and Sejanus
Consul of the Roman Empire together with Gnaeus Domitius Ahenobarbus
Succeeded by
Galba and Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix