Lucius Bruttius Quintius Crispinus

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Lucius Bruttius Quintius Crispinus was a Roman senator who lived in the second century AD. He was ordinary consul in 187, and Lucius Roscius Aelianus Paculus was his colleague.[1]

Crispinus was a member of the Bruttius, who originated in Volceii, Lucania, Italy.[2] His father was Gaius Bruttius Praesens, consul under Antoninus Pius; Ollie Salomies suggests that his mother's name, which is otherwise unknown, was "Quintia" based on his nomen "Quintius", but Salomies has no further ideas about her identity.[3] Crispinus' paternal grandparents were the consul and senator Gaius Bruttius Praesens, and Laberia Hostilia Crispina, the daughter of Manius Laberius Maximus.[4] His sister was the Roman Empress Bruttia Crispina who married the Roman Emperor Commodus.

He is generally thought to be the father of Gaius Bruttius Praesens, consul in 217.[5]


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Political offices
Preceded by
Commodus V,
and Manius Acilius Glabrio II
Consul of the Roman Empire
with Lucius Roscius Aelianus Paculus
Succeeded by
Lucius Seius Fuscianus,
and Marcus Servilius Silanus