Lucius Calpurnius Bibulus

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Lucius Calpurnius Bibulus (died around 32) was a Roman statesman.

Lucius Bibulus was the son of Julius Caesar's implacable enemy Marcus Calpurnius Bibulus and possibly, Porcia Catonis (daughter of Cato the Younger), although it is unlikely. His two elder brothers were killed in Egypt by some of the soldiery which Aulus Gabinius had left there after having restored Ptolemy Auletes to the throne. His father died in 48 BC from the exhaustion and strain of commanding the republican fleets against Caesar. After Caesar's murder, Lucius chose the side of Marcus Junius Brutus, Porcia's new husband, for whom he fought at the battle of Philippi. After the defeat of Caesar's murderers, he surrendered to Marcus Antonius who later gave him command of his fleet. Bibulus was later made governor of Syria by Augustus and he died around 32.


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