Lucius Iunius Pullus (consul 249 BC)

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Lucius Iunius Pullus (C. f. C. n.) or Lucius Junius Pullus (d. 249 or 248 BC) was a Roman general and the consul of Rome in 249 BC. together with Publius Claudius Pulcher during the First Punic War.

After the disastrous defeat of Publius Claudius Pulcher's fleet at the First Battle of Drepana, where his colleagues fleet was almost completely destroyed by the Carthaginian navy, Pulcher was recalled to Rome and fined for his incompetence. Pullus' own fleet was subsequently also destroyed by a storm and harassment from Carthaginian vessels. According to the chronicles, his dismay at losing the fleet led Lucius Iunius Pullus to take his own life rather than returning to Rome in shame as his colleague had done.[1]

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Preceded by
Gaius Atilius Regulus
Lucius Manlius Vulso Longus
Consul of Rome
together with Publius Claudius Pulcher

249 BC–249 BC
Succeeded by
Gaius Aurelius Cotta
Publius Servilius Geminus


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